joe biden keeps inflating the coronavirus death toll | the daily caller

Joe Biden repeatedly inflated America’s coronavirus death toll by hundreds of thousands and millions of deaths when talking about the virus.

Biden gaffed on Thursday, saying that “over 120 million” people were “dead from COVID” before correcting himself. Biden has struggled to get right the number of coronavirus deaths, which is at roughly 121,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

dc police clear so-called ‘autonomous zone’ protesters near President Trump’s residence

Police clear H street and Black Lives Matter Plaza after protesters set up an autonomous zone the previous night, just north of the White House in Washington on June 23, 2020. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

Police in Washington on Tuesday cleared the streets around the White House after protesters tried to set up an autonomous zone on Monday evening.

Some protesters had set up tents and food distribution areas near H Street and 16th Street, known as Black Lives Matter Plaza, near Lafayette Square. Riot police were seen telling protesters to leave while moving in a line.

The police were heard telling the demonstrators and occupiers to “grow up punks, move out of your parents’ basement, get a fucking job.”

[editorial note: above ‘graph probably fictionalized. ]

wishful thinking

“Hey, do you remember that guy Joe Biden? What happened to him? Heard he was running for office. He would say crazy crap all the time. But haven’t seen him in the news much. I hope he’s doing okay. Maybe he’s enjoying his retirement. Maybe he’s like me and excited for football to start. Go Bears.”

Cartoon and copy by Eric Allie for Counterpoint.

de blasio tells wife chirlane decide fate of nyc statues of washington, jefferson

This should work out. Recall just last year Chirlane was determining the look of the city with new statutes. See, they wanted to “equalize” the number of male statutes. Last year the sex of the statute was at issue. This year we have moved on. Anything to destroy our culture. I will include a […]

De Blasio tells wife Chirlane decide fate of NYC statues of Washington, Jefferson

Excellent post from Bunkerville on the continuing saga of NYC Mayor De Blasio in shredding any sense of dignity — not to mention factual evidence — of American history.

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.